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Bespoke Sash & Case


There's nothing like keeping originality within your household with a set of beautiful sash and case. Whether it's the overall aesthetic look or the way the sash's operate, we know exactly why these windows are mass loved.

Within the design process, you can choose exactly how many panes you wish to divide your sash into, as well as the dividend of split. Choose the timber type your sashes are made from, the colour, type of paint and lastly the ironmongery type. 

We like to give our clients exactly what they want.

Best in Edinburgh

The days of rattling and draughty sashes are far gone! With excellently thought out draught proofing systems, developed and enhanced by ourselves, we have gone above and beyond to ensure a productive and complex system. 

Our sash & case are manufactured from the finest and strongest timbers supplied around Edinburgh. We can guarantee client satisfaction as we are proud to supply Edinburghs leading sash & case product. Working in cohesion with some of Edinburghs best bench hand joiners every little detail is accounted for. 


The use of double glazing within sash & case is something that has only come into fruition the past couple of decades. With the addition of this, alongside the draught prevention systems developed. We can guarentee a 30 year lifespan on your windows.

With general upkeep and painting maintenance you should be able to future proof your windows well into the forthcoming years.

To learn about planning permission in Edinburgh and double glazing within listed buildings please visit our planning permission page linked below.

Canonmills Project

Project completed in Canonmills, Edinburgh.

Beautiful, stunning, new and bespoke sash & case were fitted in replacement to old aluminium vertical sliders.

 Watch this complete transformation to give you an insight on what to expect. All in all the process of fitting 5 sash and case usually takes our team 5 working days from start to finish. 

Windows can arrive with optional extras of pre paint and lacquer, which gives them an overall gloss finish and guarantees up to 5 years no maintenance.

For more videos and photos showcasing all of our sash and case work please visit our gallery just below.

Sash & Case Gallery

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