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Bespoke Cupolas

Construct & Erect

Choose from various timbers and glass designs to adequately perfect your balance of aesthetics and practicality.

With stunning customisations to choose from, you can select various glazing options and build your roof cupola exactly how you want it.

Install & Finish

No matter the style or size chosen in the design process, our team will install and finish to a very high standard.

Working in conjunction with some of Edinburghs superior lead welders, we are able to top off our stunning joinery and glazing work with excellent finishings that are really a thing of beauty.



If timber isn't for you, stay modern and classy with aluminium roof lanterns. Choose from sleek anthracite grey, white or black colour schemes, alongside gloss or matt finishes.


Korniche lanterns also come equipped with self cleaning ambi blue double glazing, maintenance just got a whole lot easier. 

Superior Joinery & Glazing Systems

  • Throughout the manufacturing process we understand that our products need to withstand constant rainfall and wind-flow. We take into account every joint/angle and allow no room for errors. Once the joinery work is perfectly manufactured and assembled, we go over everything to ensure a complete and concealed product unfazed by bad weather conditions.

  • Once constructed, every pane is individually templated to create a tight seal from timber to glass.

  • Our glazing systems are some of the best in Edinburgh and we can guarantee no pane slippage for years to come.

  • FUN FACT! - Pane slippage is the main cause of rotting timbers as the rain water seeps through cavities behind and around the glass.

Albany St, Edinburgh

Project completed at Albany Street, Edinburgh.

Client opted for a bespoke hardwood cupola to be manufactured, glazed and installed.  

Toughened safety glass panes were installed entrapping all potential heat and bringing in natural light unlike before. Get rid of your old Georgian wire plate for stunning sunlight today!

This hardwood cupola will last upwards of 50+ years given the right TLC it so rightly deserves.

Check out our stunning collection of products supplied and installed by ourselves below in our cupola gallery.

Cupola Gallery

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