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Ann Street, Edinburgh

Bespoke, Joinery Elegance.

This project was completed for one of our trusted clients in Ann Street, Edinburgh. We fitted custom Georgian panelling throughout 4 hallways and  3 staircases. 

For a project of this scale and size we estimated around 4 working weeks for completion. By working in conjunction with some of Edinburgh's leading painters, it was easy to have our product finished off to perfection and on time with our deadline as well.

A lot of people don't realise that part of our service is having the connections and contacts within Edinburgh for some of the best in business. It's important to form these relationships so that projects such as this can go according to plan and most importantly to our standards.

We always enjoy a challenge and this job certainly challenged our intricate joinery skills. From fitting custom hand rails down staircases to bending timber around walls, We definitely embraced the challenge and enjoyed every minute of it.

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