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Rose Cottage, Edinburgh

Home Bar & Racing Loft

Project Details & Specification

This project was completed on behalf of one of our close and personal clients Barry Kinnear. Barry is a famous and renowned pigeon flyer around Edinburgh & the Lothians and Quality was very important to Barry in order to maintain his consistent success and triumph in this field.This is why we chose to use only the best materials and joinery methods, in order to build these exquisite pieces of craft. Our main focus and priority when building the racing loft was to ensure no damp cavities could ever ensue. Dealing with livestock of such value, perfect conditions are a necessity.

We also took the saying "work hard, play hard" to a new level by building this bespoke bar right alongside it. 

Barry was a great help throughout this project and it showed within the designs. Every personal detail and addition was a great success across the board and we couldn't have been happier with the end product as seen in the videos below.

Project Transformation

Rose Cottage Bar & Racing Loft
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Finished Outcome

Rose Cottage Final Outcome
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Project Gallery

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