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Cupola Restoration


If your looking for an alternate option to complete replacement, we offer restoration packages to most cupolas.
Best case scenario our team come in, completely strip and remove all finishings, glass and rotten timbers.
We then replace any and all timbers with new hardwood beading systems, setting us up for our glass installation and finishing processes. 
Choose from a variation of glass options such as clear laminated safety glass panes or double glazed units catered to your desired specification. 
The usage of clear panes will maximise sunlight re entry and in turn, be cost effective with energy savings.

Every cupola we install or restore gets treated exactly the same in the finishing process. 

A list of what goes on in this process:

  • Sanding of all timber 

  • Complete painting of all timber 

  • Superior glazing and glazing capping systems  

  • High tier sealant designed specifically for rainfall prevention

  • Lead hangers to prevent glass movement

  • Lead welding and finishings for timber and sealant protection

  • Patination oil for lead protection

  • Complete internal and external cleaning of glass

Queensferry St. Edinburgh

This client opted for a cheaper more affordable method and put her trust in us to completely overhaul and renovate this cupola. As you can see the results of the transformation are beautiful. 

This cupola was finished with protective flash band instead of the more expensive method of lead. 

Please take a look at our restoration gallery below to see more stunning transformations.

Cupola Restoration Gallery

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