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Roofing & Building

It was always a key goal of ours to compete within the roofing and building sector and once we were equipped with the correct workers, took no time at all to take it in our stride.
We sought after some of the best in the business and we knew they would represent the correct morals and values that our business retained from day one.
Carrying these values through to projects on a much bigger scale is something that has flown naturally and developed into success on all levels.
We look forward to the continuation of success within these developments in hope of expanding our business on all fronts in the forthcoming years.


Solid Structural Work

When working with any materials that hold structural value, it is vital that the correct procedures are followed and carried out to the highest standard. We focus on creating solid foundations/building blocks for complete structural integrity, safety and well-being, for the future health of your property.


Superior Roofworks

There are many things to be considered when opting for a brand new roof. Whether it be a slate roof or rubberised flat roof, there are many aspects within these processes that shan't be overlooked. Expertise and almost certainly experience is definitely required when dealing with such projects. We possess both!


Home Expansion

Turn your project into the vision of your dreams by utilising the spaces available. By expanding within your own property, either through means of attic conversions or house extensions, you're retaining the properties nostalgic feel whilst also adding value. Not having to deal with the hassle of moving is something to be acknowledged as well. 


Maximising Spaces

Maximising spaces within your home is something we love exploring. A lot of clients feel the need to move and expand to bigger properties but fail to realise the benefits of maximising there own properties spaces. By creating additional rooms within, the investment and money you will save in the long run is unchallenged.


During every property development, we like to know our client has 100% trust in us and our vision. With continued talking and reassurance, we get our point across whilst maintaining trust and affordability. Most construction projects can come with a hefty fee, which is understandably stressful. We do our best to provide material and payment plans to put you at ease with such staggering sums. Adding value to your property through means of expanding developments is an exceptional way to invest your money into the future and doing it with a company built on trust makes the whole process 10x easier.

Comely Bank. Edinburgh

This client was in desperate need of a new roof, the slates were slowly deteriorating over time and causing many underlying problems such as woodrot. We completely stripped and rebuilt this roof from scratch, replacing all timber joists and timber sarking boards. We also installed a velux roof light and finished with Spanish slate accordingly. 6 bespoke sash & case  were  also fitted to this exact property, this just goes to show our continuation and client trust. Once we complete one job for a client, we are usually completing many more for themselves or family/friends in the future!


For more Roofing & Building jobs please check out our gallery below! 

Roofing & Building Gallery

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