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Sash & Case Restoration

Restore, Repair, Rebuild

For many years now we have had the self proclaimed title of being the best at sash & case restoration. This is because no other company comes close to the detail and effort gone into restoring these. Every single piece of timber will get replaced, renewed or sanded to smooth perfection in one way, shape or form.







Replace or Restore?

 In most cases around 70% of sash & case are salvageable. Restoration is a much more affordable method with similar benefits and outcomes. When done by the right people, it can have the same effects as complete replacement.

Our method attains an outstanding result and transformation, which is why we are highly sought after for this line of work.

The only time beneficial for a complete overhaul would be if the sashes themselves were too rotted to carry on.  

What Takes Place

We offer high quality restorative packages with changes listed: 

  • Draught Proofing

  • Double Glazing Transformation

  • Removal of paint on every surface

  • Sanding to maximise smoothness

  • New traditional sash cords

  • New timber external lips

  • New timber window sill

  • New timber batton rods and parting beads

  • New sand mastic and putty

  • Clean easy simplex system

  • New Ironmongery with finishes to choose from: Brass, Polished Chrome or Satin chrome


We believe that retaining heritage and quality is something that should be highly considered when replacing your sashes. We offer such a good package that the benefits are identical to those of new windows.

With the right attitude to maintenance and general upkeep, these windows can last upwards of 30+ years after the transformation.

With the additional option of double glazing combined with the draught proofing package, your sashes will work like a dream and cause no rattling or heat loss ever again.

To learn about planning permission in Edinburgh and double glazing within listed buildings, please visit our planning permission page linked below.


London St, Edinburgh

With every restoration job preparation is vital! With our static sheeting system, we allow no room for dust.

It may take us a working day to set up, but in the long run, achieving 100% client satisfaction is the reality of our business and is what drives us to perfection.

London St, Edinburgh

To date we have completed over 5 projects within London St. This is based off our high quality workmanship and attitude towards the job. 

This project here is one of many within the street looking unreal. These sash & case were overhauled by our team and once completed look stunning.

This client opted for double glazing which will reap energy saving benefits over the years to come.

To check out more of our projects see our gallery below.

Restoration Gallery

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